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The Board

In line with the Transport Administration Act 1988, in 1996/97 State Transit was governed by a Board consisting of:-

  • the Chief Executive, and
  • 7 Directors appointed by the Minister

The Board's function is to determine the policies of State Transit and guide its strategic direction. The Board is subject to direction from the Minister for Transport but any directions that are not in State Transit's commercial interests require the Government to provide compensation.

The Board met 11 times during the year from 1 July 1996 to 30 June 1997 (no January meeting).

Changes to Board Composition

Three new members are welcomed to the Board, Ms Gabrielle Trainor, Mr Len Regan and Mr Geoff Ashton. The skills and experience of these new members enhance the overall effectiveness of the board.

Three retiring members: Mr Graham Slee, AM, Mr Brooks Wilson, AM and Mrs Sarina Bratton are thanked for their valuable contributions to State Transit over recent years. In particular, State Transit wishes to acknowledge Mr Slee for his leadership and commitment as Chairman over the last 4 years. Over this time, Mr Slee chaired a growth organisation which reached many commercial milestones and his contribution to these achievements is appreciated.

Board Experience and Qualifications

Together the members of the Board have a range of expertise which covers all of State Transit's principal objectives:

Mr David Herlihy has extensive banking and finance experience. Mr Herlihy was first appointed to the Board on 23 January 1996 and Chairman on 16 January 1997. His current term expires on 15 January 1999.

Mr John Stott has a wide-ranging background in the transport industry, both in the public and private sectors and in all modes - land, marine and aviation. He has been closely involved in many aspects of transport reforms over the past 20 years and has extensive experience in the management of Government Trading Enterprises. Since his appointment as State Transit Chief Executive in May 1996, Mr Stott has led the organisation to ensure continued growth and sound commercial performance.

Mr Geoff Ashton was formerly a Managing Director of Monier Limited and later Clyde Industries Limited. He is currently a Member of the Board of the Australian National Training Authority and a Non Executive Director of Leighton Holdings Limited, Evans Deakin Industries Limited and Chancellor Investment Group Pty Ltd. He is also Chairman, ETRS Pty Limited and NSW President and National Vice President of the Metal Trades Industry Association. Mr Ashton was appointed to the Board on 16 January 1997 and his term expires on 15 January 1999.

Mr Anthony Bowra spent 33 years with IBM Australia Ltd in various executive management positions in Australia, Japan and the United States and was a Board member for 13 years. He has wide experience on public and private sector Boards and is a Foundation Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is Deputy Chairman of ADI Limited, Chairman of ADI Superannuation Fund Pty Ltd and a Director of Keycorp Ltd, SCITEC Ltd and the Legal and General Group of Companies. Mr Bowra was appointed to the Board on 21 October 1992 and his current term of appointment expires on 31 December 1997.

Mr Mark Lennon is Executive Officer of the Labor Council of NSW and is responsible for the Council's activities in superannuation, electricity distribution, industry development and the environment. He has experience in industrial relations and policy formulation in the public transport industry. Other Board memberships include the ASSET Superannuation Fund, the Trades Hall Association and the Industrial Supplies Office. Mr Lennon was appointed to the Board on 2 February 1994 and his current term expires on 31 December 1997.

Mr Len Regan is currently Managing Director of Transit Planners Pty Limited. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management, the Royal Australian Planning Institute and the Chartered Institute of Transport. From 1989-1991, Mr Regan was General Manager of State Transit's Newcastle Division. Mr Regan was appointed to the Board on 16 January 1997 and his current term expires on 15 January 1999.

Ms Gabrielle Trainor is a partner in John Connolly & Partners, a corporate and government affairs firm. She is a lawyer and former newspaper journalist who specialised in industrial and legal affairs and politics. Her positions in the government and the private sector have included Director of Public Relations for the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department in Canberra. Ms Trainor is a director of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre and Barnardo's Australia. She is a member of the Securities Institute, the Institute of Directors, the International Bar Association, the Churchill Fellows' Association, LEADR and the Sydney Committee of the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia. Ms Trainor was appointed to the Board on 16 January 1997 and her term expires on 15 January 1999.

Cr Julie Walton is qualified both as a lawyer and an urban planner. She is a Councillor of the Sydney City Council and chairs the Sydney Traffic Committee. She chairs the NSW Property Services Council and also has wide experience in public policy and government. Ms Walton was appointed to the Board on 23 January 1996 and her term expires on 31 December 1997.

The Board composition and attendance at meetings during the year was:-

  Attended Eligible
Mr D J Herlihy (Chairman) 11 11
Mr G H Slee AM (1) 6 6
Mr J D Stott (Chief Executive) 11 11
Mr G J Ashton (2) 5 5
Mr A D Bowra 9 11
Mrs S J Bratton (1) 3 6
Mr M R R Lennon 11 11
Mr L J Regan (2) 5 5
Ms G M Trainor (2) 4 5
Cr J Walton 11 11
Mr B C Wilson AM (1) 5 6

Secretary to the Board - Mr Robert Chivers, Corporate Counsel

(1) Mr Slee, Mrs Bratton and Mr Wilson ceased to be members of the Board from 15 January 1997.

(2) Mr Ashton, Mr Regan and Ms Trainor were appointed as members of the Board from 16 January 1997.

Board Committees

The Board has established an Audit Committee to support it in fulfilling its responsibilities under the Transport Administration Act 1988. The Committee ensures independence of the audit function, monitors corporate risk assessment and internal controls, reviews financial and other practices, reviews the quality and integrity of financial reports and oversees the duties and responsibilities of the Manager Audit and Risk Control.

The Audit Committee met on 5 occasions in 1996/97 and the membership and meeting attendance of the Committee was as follows:-

  • Mr A D Bowra (Chairman)(1)
  • Mr G J Ashton(2)
  • Mr J D Stott

A standing invitation to attend each meeting is extended to:-
  • General Manager Corporate Policy & Resources
  • Manager Audit and Risk Control
  • Representative(s) nominated by the Auditor-General

State Transit's Corporate Counsel and Secretary acts as Secretary of the Audit Committee.

(1) Between 1 July 1996 and 15 January 1997, Mr Slee was Chairman of the Audit Committee and attended 3 meetings.

(2) Mr Ashton was nominated to the Audit Committee following his appointment to the Board from 16 January 1997.

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