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Overview and Highlights

The State Transit Authority
State Transit is the largest operator of buses and ferries in Australia with services covering much of metropolitan Sydney and Newcastle. State Transit is established under the Transport Administration Act, 1988 and, like other bus and ferry operators, works within the regulatory framework of the Passenger Transport Act, 1990.

Our vision is of a quality urban environment underpinned by an efficient, attractive public transport network. In pursuit of this vision, State Transit is committed to providing services which meet customers' expectations, at efficient cost levels and with a superior level of customer service.

State Transit's legislated objectives are to:-

  • provide safe, efficient, reliable bus and ferry services,
  • operate as efficiently as any comparable business,
  • maximise the net worth of the State's investment in the business,
  • exhibit a sense of social responsibility towards the community in which we operate,
  • conform to the principles of ecologically sustainable development, and
  • exhibit a sense of responsibility towards regional development and decentralisation.
The Year in Brief

During 1996/7, State Transit made significant advances in the implementation of its objectives and towards its vision. The highlights included:-


  • 3.3% increase in passengers carried (to 210 million), for a fourth year of sustained growth
  • Services continued to be self-sustaining with a surplus of $1.1 million before abnormals achieved despite imposed costs of $20 million
  • 90 new buses introduced to meet business growth, an increase of 6%
  • 2 new 150 seat passenger vessels ordered to meet growth on the Parramatta River
  • First 100% accessible bus service introduced
  • Over 200 full-time jobs created to service growth (5%)

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